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Casa Biulú is located very close to the heart of Zipolite, a small town located in a natural paradise of surprising beauty, near the Pacific Ocean.

Here you can meet people from around the world attracted by sensations of freedom and peace that this place transmits.

Playa Zipolite is very long and wide: it starts from Roca Blanca, the only big and white rocky island of the area, and ends at Playa del Amor.

Furthemore, it is the only nudist beach where you dont’t have to be nude in it!

From Roca Blanca to Playa del Amor it’s just nature: sun, sand and impressive waves that beat the shore and thanks to which you can surf, if possible with a local surfing teacher because the currents are very strong!

In the evening, the heart of Zipolite, Calle Aduquina, lights up because it’s full of restaurants, bar, pizzerias, many craft shops and street artists that dance with fire and do the strangest things, making this place unique and unforgettable.

All those who are lucky to visit Zipolite come back soon to enjoy one more time of the positivity and fun that this place offers.